Volunteering Ventures #2 ~ Public Library

My love for reading started as a very young child.  I have talked about this in previous posts, so I will not bore you again today.  I watch a lot of BookTube. For most of the video, I just stare in awe at their bookcases.  How can they afford all of those books?  I do not know to this day, I’m sure some of them they get free, but what about the rest of them?  My parents would have gone broke a long time ago if they purchased every book I ever read.


This image was taken from Pinterest.

Books can get very expensive.  One year, they bought me the complete Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House series from the Scholastic Book Fair.  It was for either my Christmas or Birthday, but I remember not believing what a gift they got me.  I went through a lot of books as a child and throughout elementary school, and now in high school I read at least a book per week.  For easy figuring, that’s $30 per week (average price of 1.5 books) x 52 weeks per year.  That’s $1,560 x 12 years of school = $18,720.  That’s a lot of money.


This image was taken from Amazon.

That money was not spent on books at my house, it went towards my college fund.  Thankfully I still get my hunger for books fulfilled from the library.  I’m not sure how many books I have checked out since I got my library card almost 12 years ago, but I’m sure it is quite a few.

When I started volunteering in hopes of gaining membership into National Honor Society, my local library was the first place on my list that I wanted to volunteer.  It just feels right to give back to a place that has given me so much.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am today without it.  I definitely wouldn’t have read as many books, my vocabulary would be smaller, my writing ability would be worse, and I feel that I have a better perspective on problem solving.

Some of my jobs at the library include sorting books to be shelved, shelving the books, collecting holds, shelving the holds, making copies, preparing crafts, and shelf reading.  Shelf reading is not the most fun task as you are literally reading the shelves to make sure all of the books are in order.  It is somewhat of an advantage if you are shelving your area of interest because you find books you may not have other wised noticed.  I also got to use my Dewey decimal system knowledge from elementary school to good use.


This picture was taken from Flickr.

I spent two hours every week volunteering at my local library and racked up almost 25 hours by the end of the summer.  I hope to continue to volunteer there throughout my entire life, even if it isn’t as many hours as it was last summer.  No matter what you are passionate about, or where you have benefited from, I encourage you to give back them.

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