Media Mentions #6 ~ Harry Potter


This image was taken from CNBC.

I believe everyone knows about Harry Potter, it is unnecessary for me to explain it to you.  I jumped on the bandwagon very late.  Don’t be mad when I tell you, but I only read the series for the first time last year.  (Gasp! I know).  My uncle had the compete series, so I was able to marathon them in less than a month.  My only reason for not reading them sooner was that I didn’t want to be disappointed after all of the hype.   I was not disappointed at all.  I was so happy that I finally disciplined myself and read them.  Now, I just have to marathon the movies.


This picture was taken from Amazon.


This image was taken from Earn This.


This image was taken from Pinterest.


This image was taken from Pinterest.


This image was taken from The Odyssey.

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