College and Career Collection #2 ~ Journalism


This image was taken from Mrs. Water’s English.

You may or not be surprised, but I like writing.  Shocking?  I know!  It’s not like I am writing a blog or have been keeping a journal for the last three years or anything.  Oh wait…

I think it would be so cool to write for a living.  Writing for me is a way to get my opinions and ideas out without directly offending people or end up having to put my foot in my mouth.  It is also a great way to work out your thought processes and get to a solution.

Writing as a career might be a little different because you are on more of a deadline.  However, writing a blog post a day is very similar on a smaller scale.

I thought since most of news is using technology, I would use graphs, pictures, and infographics to share information with you today.



This image was taken from Web Journalist.


This image was taken from Cube Reporters.




This image was taken from Paid Social Media Jobs.


This picture was taken from Buzzfeed.


This picture was taken from Ponyter.



This picture was taken from European Parliament.


This picture was taken from Pinterest.


This picture was taken from Visually.


This picture was taken from Pinterest.


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