Music Maestro #6 ~ Guitar Edition: History

I started learning guitar last year in May, about 8 months ago.  I wanted to learn because my dad learned to play the guitar when he was a child.  He was in a local band as a guitarist during his teen years.  He says he wouldn’t go back to those days, but I can still see the joy in his eyes when he plays his old songs.

Learning guitar isn’t easy.  There is no question that I have wanted to give up and never try again.  I’m sure the thought will go through my mind more than once in the years to come.  However, up to this point, I am glad that I have stuck it out.  My dad had wanted to pass on his legacy and had tried teaching me three separate times throughout my child hood, he even bought me a child sized guitar.  My dad, I love him to pieces, is used to doing things alone.   He doesn’t like help, he would rather do it himself than show someone else how do something.  He tried his very best, but it didn’t help that I wasn’t overly interested in playing at those times also.



The guitar (and other similar instruments) dates back over 3,000 years.  “The English word “guitar” comes from the Spanish word guitarra. Prior to that, it likely was formed from the Latin word “cithara” and an ancient Sanskrit “tar”, which meant string.”  The oldest guitar that has been discovered was from the Ancient Egyptian civilization .


This picture was taken from Music as a Metaphor.

The classic guitar was formerly known as the baroque guitar, which dates back to the 1600s.  Those who play an acoustic guitar (I do) can thank Antonio Torres Jurado, an 1800s guitar maker.


This picture was taken from Blogspot.

The “coolest” guitar, the electric guitar was patented in the United States in the 1930s by George Beauchamp.


This picture was taken from Google Patents.


This picture was taken from Emaze.


This picture was taken from Deviant Art.


This picture was taken from Shutterstock.


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