Babbling Books #6 ~ I Love to Read Month

February is “I Love to Read Month”.  Book readers all around the world spend the month of February giving books the recognition they deserve.   However, reading isn’t just sitting down and reading a work of fiction, an inspiring biography, or an informational book.  Everyone reads, the world revolves around it.  All of us would be breaking the law countless times a day if we didn’t read road signs, most of social media would be pointless, and news wouldn’t travel as fast.  Even those who text have to read.

Being a “reader” means you like to read.  You don’t have to read a book a day to be a “reader”.  You don’t have to read a page a minute to be a “reader”.  There are no “qualifications” to being a reader, you just have to enjoy reading.

The reading community is probably the most diverse community in the world.  People from young ages to those close to a hundred to read, men and women, highly educated or barely literate, rich or poor, from all countries, from all social classes, from all religious, political, and views in general.

I remember my elementary school celebrating “I Love to Read Month”.  Usually it involved a competition between the classes.  One year they brought an author in to read to us.  Another year, we had a “word parade” and we all dressed up as a word.  All of us can celebrate, there is no age limit to celebrating reading, books, literature, and libraries.

I don’t care what you read, but I hope you do pick up a book in February.  Winter can get long and it is very easy to get into a reading slump, but it is important to shove through it.  Many libraries have winter reading programs to encourage people to read. Share the love of reading with others, there is not greater gift you can give someone (okay, maybe besides life).

Happy I Love to Read Month!

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