Volunteering Ventures #1 ~ Dairy Queen Surprise

My parents have drilled into me since a child that it is important to help others.  The majority of our weekends were spent helping friends and families with home improvement projects, helping them while being sick or after surgery, or helping with parties.  Once I had the opportunity to apply to National Honor Society, it seemed like a no-brainer.  National Honor Society is a group that revolves around leadership, academic achievement and integrity, and community service.

The first time I volunteered with my high school NHS, it was the spring road-side cleanup.  Our local chapter (name for NHS group) had adopted a highway near our school.   It’s about a three-mile stretch.  There was a group of ten of us; five started on one end and five on the other, two on one side of the road, three on the other side of the road. It took us about an hour and a half to clean the ditches.

We had packed up and were getting ready to lead when a truck pulled up next to our chapter leader.  He handed her a $100 bill.  He told her to take us all to charity for our good work.  Unfortunately we were all too flustered to ask his name, but we were very thankful.

This was a great first experience for me to volunteer because there was a clear reward at the end of it.  It shows the connection that all good deeds are rewarded.  All community service you do, you get a reward.  Some rewards include dedication, respect, a good work-ethic, and fulfillment from helping others.

I challenge all of you to go out into the community and volunteer, there are countless opportunities out there.  I promise you will find a reward in any service you do!


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