College and Career Collections #1 ~ Accounting

I have been interested in accounting for the past few years.  I have always done well in math, but I am not interested in doing in research.  My aunt is an accountant and I feel like we have similar skills and interests.

I took an accounting class at school and I loved it so much!  That was only the first level, I am taking level two next quarter to get a better feel for it.  It was a little frustrating when the numbers didn’t add up, but I liked the rest of it.

To become an accountant, one first has to get at least an associate’s degree (2 years), if not a bachelor’s degree (4 years) in accounting.  It also helps to become a certified public accountant (about a year), but it is not necessary.

Some careers with an accounting degree include: tax accountant, senior accountant, accounts receivable manager, accounts payable manager, senior financial analyst, mortgage loan servicing manager, payroll manager, accounting manager, auditing manager, and a controller.

Note: many of these jobs below are higher level jobs that require experience.  Entry level positions will pay less according to education and experience levels.


This infographic was taken from Parker + Lynch.

Many jobs are being outsourced to eastern countries like China and India.  The entry-level jobs may be at a small risk, but not anywhere soon.  Higher positions aren’t likely to be outsourced ever because of different systems and processes in the US and eastern countries.  The “safest” career in accounting would probably be on the tax side because it is the most centralized with the US.   Accounting jobs as a whole in the United States are on the rise, and are expected to grow 13% by 2022 (Rasmussen).

Here is a self-assessed quiz from Franklin:

  • Are you comfortable explaining complex ideas to others?
  • Would you or others describe you as “a detail person”?
  • Have you enrolled in accounting courses before?
  • Would you describe yourself as a “concrete” thinker rather than an “abstract” thinker?
  • Have you excelled in accounting classes?
  • Are you good at solving problems or puzzles?
  • Do you make decisions based more on logic than anything else?
  • Do you organize data or information in a sequential manner?
  • Are you known for your ability to plan things in advance?
  • Do you strongly appreciate predictability?
  • Would you say that you are more of a rule follower than a rule breaker?
  • Do you have high personal standards?
  • Are your personal finances in order?

“yes” to 1-2 = probably not the best choice for your major

“yes” to 3-5 = may be a good choice for your major

“yes” to 6+ = accounting would be a great choice for your major, as long as you are interested


There are many things you should consider when deciding on a career path.  Accounting is high on my list, but I am not decided yet.

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