Media Mentions #4 ~ Ice Age 5

Ice Age was one of my favorite movies as a child.  I remember loving them saving the baby.  Back when I came out, I was too young to truly appreciate the movie.  It has a great message about friendship.  Also, who doesn’t love Scrat’s adventures before and during the show?


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Then Ice Age 2: The Meltdown came out.  The graphics and animations improve after every movie.  Manny sort of reminds of Shrek in this movie.  (Shrek was also one of my favorites.  I would watch it over and over again.)  Manny saves the (annoying) physically smaller characters, even though their sheer size should be the end of him.  I’m not sure how a giant mammoth running across breaking ice can save this tiny sloth, but it is a children’s movie.


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Now, I loved the first two movies, and then a third one came out.  This movie seemed like a different series to me as it takes place in a complete different “world”.  A recurring theme in Ice Age movies seems to be that they are near death about every ten minutes.  Manny and Ellie have a baby at the end of the movie.  It adds a lot of suspense with the danger of the movie, but it also reminds of Full House as Sid and Diego are part of the family as well.


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And another one.  This movie was just weird,  I tend to just forget about this one when I mention the series.


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And now let’s bring ourselves to 2016 with the 5th movie.  I actually went to see this one in theaters, but I didn’t pay anything for it.  My local theater has free movies at Christmastime and I went then.  Roger has been in three movies now and although he is “helping” the crew, he usually leads them right into danger.  I believe that this movie is targeting its first audience.  In this movie Manny’s daughter, Peaches, has a fiancée and it deals with the new father-in-law and son-in-law business.  It’s very comical and it seems more directed to my age group than for kids today.  It’s like Monsters University came out when it’s first audience started college.  Very good marketing!


This picture was taken from Amazon.

WHY IS THERE 5 ICE AGE MOVIES?  There is absolutely no need for this.  I stopped getting excited after I saw the third movie.  Don’t get me wrong, the first two were great, but after that only the graphics were getting better.  As mentioned earlier, Monsters Inc. also did the same marketing ploy as Ice Age has done.  Monsters Inc’s plan was better thought out in my opinion because they didn’t over do it.  There are just too many Ice Ages.  It’s not a TV series, they are movies.  Don’t get me wrong, the first two will always have a place in my movie-loving heart, but five is just too many.

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