History Happenings #4 ~ Ukraine Gains Independence

Remembering the past is just as planning for the future in my opinion.  Although this may be cliché, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  During this series, Historical Happenings, I want to share with you some facts about history that was made that day.  I found these events on History.com.

On January 26th, 1918 Ukraine declares independence.


This picture was taken from Operation World.

1. Ukraine was originally under the control of Russia.

2. Part of Ukraine was given to Russia in 1793, while other parts were under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918.


This picture was taken from Britannica.

3. There was a lot of unrest in Russia around the end of World War 1, with the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Vladimir Lenin.


This picture was taken from Country Reports.

4. Finland declared independence from Russia in the same year.

5. After some difficulty forming their country, Ukraine received (too much) help from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


This picture was taken from Ops Center.

6. The armistice was signed in November of 1918, acknowledging the defeat of the Central Powers, and forced all forces to leave Ukraine.

7. After forces left, there were two sections of Ukraine and joined together in early 1919.


This picture was taken from Wikipedia.

8. Ukraine quickly looked for an ally with Poland, but then was under the threat of Russia again.

9. In 1922, Russia took control over Ukraine again and didn’t lose control again until 1991 when the USSR fell apart.


This picture was taken from Business Insider.

10. Russia has recently invaded Ukraine again.






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