History Happenings #3 ~ Toy Story Production Begins

Remembering the past is just as planning for the future in my opinion.  Although this may be cliché, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  During this series, Historical Happenings, I want to share with you some facts about history that was made that day.  I found these events on History.com.

On January 19th, 1993, production begins on Toy Story, the first full-length feature created by Pixar.


This picture was taken from Disney.

1. Toy Story has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. “Toy Story” was the first fully computer-generated full-length feature film.  Each frame took between 4 and 13 hours to make.

3. “Toy Story” was the highest grossing movie of 1995, earning more than $360 million world-wide.


This picture was taken from Forbes.

4. In early versions of production, a Barbie doll was supposed to be Woody’s love interest; however, Mattel (maker of Barbie) thought Toy Story was going to be a failure and didn’t want it to be in the movie.


This picture was taken from Wikipedia.

5. Buzz Lightyear was originally named Lunar Larry.

6. Buzz Lightyear was named after Buzz Aldrin.

7. Bill Crystal was asked to play Buzz Lightyear, but turned it down.  Buzz Lightyear is voiced by Tim Allen.


This picture was taken from Disney.

8. Pizza Planet was going to be called Pizza Putt.

9. To make the sound of the toy soldiers during the movie, animators strapped boards to their feet and walked around.


This picture was taken from Reddit.

10.  All of the character ideas came from real toys, makers of the movie spent a lot of time at toy stores.  Some toys they came up with on their own or adapted existing toys.



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