Catchy Crafts #3 ~ Crochet

Last week I talked about knitting.  Knitting and crochet are somewhat similar as they both deal heavily with yarn and you that you use stitches.  However, the techniques and looks of the finished product are very different.  I honestly prefer crocheting because using the double-stitch, you can see yourself making a lot of progress quickly.

I, sadly, have not made many crochet projects, but I hope to in the near future.  The only project that I have made are infinity scarfs.  I have now made four infinity scarves; only one scarf was for me and the other were gifts.  Infinity scarves were very in when I learned to crochet.

The first infinity scarf I made was arm-knit and it fell apart very quickly.  I was very sad about this and looked for another option.  My cousin watched a lot of videos on YouTube and then learned to crochet.  She then taught me and I was able to make my own infinity scarf.

To make the scarf you will need two skeins of chunky yarn.  I personally recommend Hometown USA yarn.  It gives you the desired effect and is the moderate range price-wise.  For the size of my hook, I used a J, but any big size will do.  The bigger the hook, the less stitches you will have to do.

There isn’t an official pattern for this scarf.  Basically just make a lot of double-stitches.  I usually end up doing 4 or 5 rows depending on when my yarn runs out.  Just keep going in a row until when tied together can go around your neck and reach where a belt buckle would be.  That ensures that you can wrap the scarf twice around your neck to provide extra warmth and protection from the wind.


Ignore the awkward Snapchat filter; this was the only picture I could find with just me and my scarf.

These scarves are very fun to make.  They usually take me 4-5 hours while watching TV.  They make very fun gifts for a cheap price of $10-$15.  Very easy to make.  Let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to go into more specifics.

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