Catchy Crafts #2 ~ Knitting

Imagine a knitter.  Now, you are probably picturing an elderly cat lady.  She is probably wearing librarian’s glasses on a chain, and has a basket of yarn on the floor next to her, she might even have yarn lying around the room.  Well I hate to break your illusion, but that isn’t the picture of the typical knitter.  I started knitting in 2011.  My aunt’s friend was over at her house and she was knitting a hat.  At that time, I thought that was the coolest of the cool.


This picture was taken from English Throwers on Pinterest.

She tried teaching me at that time and even let me do a few stitches on her hat.  That meant the world to me, that an adult trusted me, a (slightly above) average 11-year-old, enough to let me work on one of her projects.  She later moved to Michigan and I hadn’t knitted after that for a while.  I decided almost a year later that I wanted to learn, so I took a class at my local craft store.  The instructor wasn’t very helpful and after fifteen minutes of practicing, I ended up helping the other students (I thought it was very cool that I was teaching older women).  Since then I have gotten significantly better.

On a trip to Michigan to visit my knitting friend, I learned how to knit on circular needles.  They are designed for making hats and such.  However, even for straight pieces it makes it easier not to lose any stitches while you aren’t working on it.   During that 5 day trip, I finished making a hat.  It was supposed to be a hat for my toddler cousin, but I read the pattern wrong, so it ended up being a hat for me!


Please ignore the picture quality as it was taken on my iPod in 2013 and my awkward face as I hadn’t gotten good at selfies yet.


I used the Be Loving pattern by Melissa Simpson, found on Ravelry.  Ravelry is a great site for (many) free knitting and crochet patterns.

Knitting is very time-consuming, but is very rewarding.  As a young teenager, I realized that it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.  However, I still wanted to be crafty and get the knitted look.  The solution was to use knitting looms. Knitting looms are designed to make your projects more even and take less time, and they work very well!



This picture was taken from Joann’s Fabrics.



This picture was taken from Joann Fabrics.


This is the first project I made.  It is a hat for a baby doll.  I used the smallest loom on the round set.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours.  The instructions inside the box are very simple and I caught on right away.  I’m sure it wouldn’t take as long now, it was just because it was my first one and I had to get into the rhythm of it.


This is a picture of one of my next projects; a dishcloth.  I used the small one on the long loom set.  This one was a little more difficult due to using a different stitch.  However it still took me less than an hour.


Some may believe that using a loom doesn’t allow you to customize your projects, but that simply isn’t true!  This is a scarf I knit using the small round loom.  It’s the same concept as making the hat except you don’t tie the end.  I did ten rows and then switched colors, as simple as tying a know.  This was a little longer project due to the length and took me about 4 hours.

Knitting may seem like a hobby for older women, but I have enjoyed this craft for the last five years.  I believe that we should start a young knitters revolution, maybe even start a knitting club at my high school.  It’s very cool to see something as a product of your own two hands, especially at a young age.  It is a great self-esteem boost and a productive use of your time while relaxing.

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