Outspoken Opinions #1 ~ Another Concerning Epidemic: Socks and Sandals

Okay, this isn’t the most original post ever. Socks and sandals have been hated on for longer than I have been alive.  Even though the amount of hate has been bigger than Mt. Everest, people still wear socks and sandals.  I think this goes back to the old belief that when someone tells you not to do something it only wants to make you do it more.

Wearing socks and sandals isn’t just a fashion no-no, but also isn’t logical.  If you are wearing sandals it is most likely relatively warm outside. So I ask you, if it warm outside, why would you add an extra layer to your feet by putting on socks?

Now stereotypically socks and sandals have been given to “geeks”.


This picture was taken from Wikipedia.

Gratefully, this phenomenon wasn’t very popular when I was growing up, however it has emerged again.  Not instead of just being for the “geeks”, it is cool to wear old man sandals and sometimes even with socks.

Girls are supposed to be the fashion leaders of the world.  Yes, this is sexist.  But honestly the majority of men wear either black pants or jeans with a shirt so it doesn’t clash.  There are so many other fashion trends that we should bring back.  Honestly, I would love to see poodle skirts come back into fashion.


This picture was taken from Sarah’s Poodle Skirts.

Even leg warmers are starting to come back.  That may seem like a scary thought, but have you ever seen boot cuffs?  A little suspicious if you ask me…


“Boot Cuffs” This picture was taken from Etsy.


“Leg Warmers” This picture was taken from ToeSox.

Fashion is very unpredictable.  It changes faster than the weather.  What is in style today, will be hideous next year.  No one looks back and wishes they still had their mullets. Maybe men have the right idea, maybe we all should just wear blue jeans and a T-shirt. That way we won’t have to look back ashamed of our choices.

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