Babbling Books #1 ~ Pawn by: Aimee Carter


By: Aimee Carter


Pawn by Aimee Carter is the first book in the Black Coat Rebellion Trilogy.  It is  characterized as a young adult dystopian book with a hint of science fiction.

The main character in Pawn, is 17-year-old Kitty Doe.  Kitty is an extra, meaning her parents had more than one child.  In this futuristic version of the United States, extras are either sent to the mysterious “Elsewhere” or in Kitty’s case, a foster home if their parents can’t pay their penalty fees.  In this society, on everyone’s 17th birthday they take a test that will determine their ranking which determines what their life will be like.  A ranking above a IV guarantees a good life with a good job in a good neighborhood.

Kitty wasn’t happy with the results of her test.  She received a III.  Her job assignment was to be a sanitation worker in Denver, a long way away from D.C., where she grew up.  Kitty is smart, the only obstacle she faces is that she can’t read.  Her boyfriend, Benjy decides that they will run away together so they won’t be separated.  Kitty doesn’t want that to happen, Benjy is smart enough to receive a VI.  Kitty decides to sell herself at the club in town until Benjy takes his test in a month and they can get married.  Kitty sells herself for 30,000 marks, her first customer, Prime Minister Hart.  She was expecting for what she thought was the worst, but his request surprised her.

Prime Minister Hart wants Kitty to take the place of his niece, Lila, who tragically died on a skiing trip.  Her job is to stop the rebellion that Lila was fostering.   Kitty is raised to the life of a VII, the rank that you are only born into, however her life isn’t as luxurious as she had thought.  Kitty finds out there is more than meets the eye with the royal family.

Read Pawn by Aimee Carter to find out the secrets of the Harts.

I read this book in the span of two days.  It was a very quick read for me and I really enjoyed it.  Political intrigue has a special spot in my heart.  This book is filled with hidden loyalties and betrayals.  The secrets are so finely spun so well that it is definitely a page turner.  It isn’t that long of a book, so I hope you will check it out!

I gave this book 4/5 stars.  I am using the Goodreads’ system, so four stars means “I really liked it,”four-out-of-five-stars1

For more reviews check this book out on Goodreads.

If you wish to purchase this book, it is available on Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

The second book of the series is Captive and the final book in the trilogy is Queen.

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