Introduction ~ 2017 ~ My Year of Blogging

Welcome to 2017!  Among my other new year resolutions, I want to start this blog back up.  I originally started this blog for my Introduction to Composition class at school.  I really enjoyed that class and I learned a lot, as well as discovering my love for writing.  My goal is to write a blog post everyday.  I want to have series of blog posts, one day of the week represents an entry in the series.

My series for January are:

Biblical Brunch (Sundays) = I will share a bible story with you and discuss it’s importance from my viewpoint.

Babbling Books (Mondays) = I will review a recent read of mine as well as sharing the author’s other works.

Catchy Crafts (Tuesdays) = I will share some of my projects I have done with that particular craft.

Musical Maestro (Wednesdays) = I will share the history, statistics, famous musicians, and some of my favorite songs on a particular instrument (this month is the piano), splitting each topic into four entries.

Historical Happenings (Thursdays) = I will dig in to an event that happened on that day (courtesy of and find some fun facts for you to impress your friends.

Outspoken Opinions (Fridays) = This will probably be my favorite update of the week, a rant about something that I have strong feelings about.

Media Mentions (Saturdays) = I will share a song or movie with you and talk about my opinions/feelings of it.

These topics are of significance in my personal life.  Also, for anyone who will actually read these blogs, I wanted a variety of topics to cater to more people.  This blog is designed for self-exploration, but I do hope anyone reading this will gain some joy and knowledge afterwards.

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