A Concerning Epidemic

What is the deal with ‘man buns’?  Apparently, the world thinks it isn’t enough for women to struggle with the perfect ‘messy’ bun.   The only positive comment I have for man buns is that at least the man had dedication to grow his hair out that long.   Some men don’t even have the dedication to finish mowing the lawn.  You all know those people, who just cut the grass that the rest of the world will see.  The front and sides are cut, but they just let the back grow.  Everyone else can see when they drive by that they didn’t cut the back.  Those people just aren’t dedicated, oh wait, that’s me.

I heard about this new sensation on the TV one day, but I didn’t realize how this epidemic affected our area until a Saturday a few weeks ago.  My dad and I were heading to church that night and were driving by the local catholic boys college.  I was driving and he told me to move over for the woman who was walking on the side of the road.  My dad’s comment when we drove by was, “That is not a woman.”  I then proceeded to explain to him this new concerning trend.

Personally, I prefer guys who have short hair and are clean-shaven.  Also, it is incredibly awkward to explain to my dad this new trend.  It just isn’t right.  I’m all for freedom of speech, but I also would want someone to tell me when I am doing something embarrassing.  Now, I wasn’t alive during the time of the ‘mullet’.  Thankfully!  I guarantee the majority of people who had one regret it and everyone else who saw people having them are more than grateful that time is past.  I just want to save young men the embarrassment of showing their future children the pictures from this alarming time.

There is this great teacher at my high school that shows his classes pictures from historical places that he has visited that pertain to the unit we are studying.  He always has to warn us in advance, when he visited these places it was the time of shorts on men.  One cannot simply look at this teacher again without imagining him in high socks, short shorts, and a mullet.  It just isn’t possible.  The only cure for this is carrying around coupons for haircuts in your purse and handing them out as needed.

*This is simply a rant of my opinion, I mean no offense to anyone*

So please, men if you are considering getting a man bun, don’t.  Just go back to thinking of your favorite topic, ‘nothing’.  I suppose one rant a day is enough, so I won’t get started on that.


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