Life is Like Cutting Grass

Life is like cutting grass.  Sometimes life is easy, like cutting grass using a riding lawn mower.  Sometimes life is hard, like cutting grass using a push mower.  Other times, life is just so painstakingly difficult that you end up using a scissor to cut the little corner you just can’t get.  

An example of a good day in life is when I volunteered with National Honor Society to do the roadside clean-up behind Rocky Ridge Mall.   When we were all done, a stranger stopped by Mrs. Thompson and gave her $100 to buy us all Dairy queen.  A good time cutting grass is when the mower starts right away, and especially when it’s a riding lawn mower.  

An example of a bad day in life is when everyone in gym class watches you ultimately fail at roller blading.  I don’t just mean I am slow I mean when you can’t even go in a straight path without falling or hugging the light pole like it is the last person on Earth.  (Yes, that used to be me, and by “used to” I mean last week.)  A bad time cutting grass is when you get all the way done and then realized you missed an inch-wide area the length of your yard.  Then you have to awkwardly have to go back and cut it while your dad watches you, questioning to himself how he raised a daughter that doesn’t realize that right away.  

Somedays in life are very productive.  An example of a productive day is getting all your homework done right the first time.  This is very similar to cutting grass.  The lawn is always the same size, but sometimes you didn’t cut in the same amount of strips every time, so you have to go back and cut just a tiny strip.  When you have to do that, you aren’t as productive or as efficient.  

When you are all done cutting grass, you usually look around and see how good of a job you did.  At least for me, I know I did a good job when there aren’t any big patches next to my old swing set.  If there is I feel like I could have done a better job, but at least the job is done.  This is like real life, for example, when you wash your car’s front window at the gas station because there are bugs all over it and it is hard to see when the sun shines just right, so you get all the bugs off, but there are streaks on the window.  Yes, there aren’t any bugs on it, but those streaks make you feel a little bad, because your car deserves better.  Just like the yard deserves better than leaving an outline of grass around the swing set.  It might be crazy feeling bad for inanimate objects, so another example is shaving your legs and realizing you missed a section on the inside of your left knee.  Probably no one will notice, but it still bothers you.  

The important thing is you just have to keep starting the mower, because the grass isn’t going to cut itself.  Another thing to remember is just like a bad haircut, the grass will always grow back giving you a second chance.  Life is like cutting grass, some days are good, some days are bad, and some days you just run out of gas.  

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