A Pocket Sized Adventure

I am addicted.  It takes up a lot of my time.   I try to peer-pressure others into joining me.  Don’t worry too much though, it’s nothing (too) dangerous.  I love to read.  My relationship with reading started when I was probably around five years old.  My mom would always read to me before bed.  She would read a chapter to a whole book in one night.  Ever since, I always need to be in the progress of at least one book.  When I was younger, the books I read were always in the same form; printed and from the school or public library.  I used to look forward to the day my dad had off and he would take me to the library.  Now, I read in a lot of formats.  I can read traditional books, but I don’t always feel like carrying those around.  Otherwise, I can just download an e-book onto my tablet or even my phone and carry it around in my pocket.  (Okay, maybe not in my pocket because all girls know that struggle)  I said early that my addiction wasn’t too dangerous, but it can be dangerous to some people because books give you ideas.  They challenge you to challenge the world and the way it is today.  Books give you new perspectives, they show you how other people live.  Even if the stories are fictional, they present a lot of real life problems.  So my life tip for this post, if I have my nose in a book, don’t expect me to respond to your question and leave me in my adventure.

19 thoughts on “A Pocket Sized Adventure

  1. viewmylife16 says:

    I think that this really defines who you are as a person. I love how you got into reading and how it just grew on you and now you cant stop. I think you did a great job of explaining to people how excited you are about reading and how much you love it.

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  2. roseeolson says:

    I agree with how you said that they give you new perspectives. They give us an insight into different lives of people that we usually don’t see everyday, which I think is the best thing about books. I love how they have their real life problems built into the book and you just go along with them to figure out what they are going to do to solve it. It’s kind of like your their best friend without them knowing it, because sometimes the problems they face in a book is close or the exact same thing we are facing ourselves.

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  3. friendsarelifeblog says:

    Anna, I think that it is amazing that you continue the tradition that you mom started for you when you were young. You call it an addition, and you might be right. Sometimes you need to be apart of the world that is around you and stop thinking about the imaginary world that are created in books. Keep reading, but remember to see this world too.

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  4. chuberty22 says:

    I wish you could teach me about your addiction! My mom used to read to me too, but it never got passed to me as an addiction. Looking back on it I wish it would’ve and maybe there is still a chance. Great blog!

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